Eating five-a-day made easy

Eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day just got easier. If, like me, you find it difficult to find new and interesting ways with fruit and vegetables each and every day, then Hawkin's Bazaar ready-to-eat punnets of mushrooms and miniature hessian sacks filled with French potatoes may be of interest.

Nearly six quid for just 200g may sound a tad expensive even in this post wash-away growing season where many crops floated away in swollen rivers, but these veggies have something special going for them – they're chocolate. To be more precise, white chocolate filled with praline shaped to look like mushroms and potatoes. And very convincing they are too. Compare the images of the chocolate versions with the real thing and see if you can spot the difference.



I might now be a greater lover of potatoes if my junior school had mashed up and served these chocolate potatoes for school lunches instead of the watery, stringy and lumpy reconstituted dried potato concoction claiming to be mash.