wine dressIt might sound daft, but you can make a dress out of wine. If you fancy having a go you’ll need twelve bottles of cheap Australian red wine and patience. Two weeks and a vat of red wine vinegar later, you’ll have enough Mother of Vinegar ‘material’ to make a mini-dress.

Researchers at the University of Western Australia discovered the skin-like layer produced when wine goes ‘off’ and turns to vinegar, could be used as a dressmaking material.

Gary Cass, one of the three Micro’be project researchers using science to convert wine into a cellulose product, said the five microns thick dress is “very delicate” and “more like tissue paper than cotton”.

Wear this little red number and you can be sure to turn heads. On the down side, wearing it apparently feels like being covered in wet sludge and you smell like last night’s bag of chips.

If you’re feeling daring try growing your dressmaking material using white wine vinegar – as this is virtually colourless your final dress will be “translucent” according to Aussie researcher Gary Cass.